Friday, June 16, 2006

Good-Bye Limay


Well, I said good-bye to my host family today. I had so much crap even though I'd already given away a whole bag of clothes to my host family. I had to fit everything in side a trike which is only a little bit wider than a telephone booth and half the length. It was like playing Tetris, trying to fit all my stuff in there. I snapped a picture of the house from the frontyard. It's on my site. I was sad and scared about moving on. I never imagined how much my hose family would come to mean to me. They were my support system in so many ways and so kind and patient with me during those first few weeks as I struggled to communicate with them and manage the adjustments of the heat and washing with a dipper or without running water (when I showered late and the water was already shut down for the day).

I was sad that they weren't coming to the Handog (a celebration given to show ones appreciation). My host mother, host sister and host cousin were there when I got to the celebration. I felt like that day was my real graduation day celebration, because they were there to celebrate the end of my training and I would be pushed out of their protective nest. They participated in many of the silly games and activities each cluster team created to entertainthe families. My host family is using shy but they participated in many of the games and I was so pleased to be able to spend quality time with them before I left.

They text (nagtext) me often as do I but it's not the same. I miss them, but talking to them often makes me feel like I still have their support and friendship.I promised to visit them next November for their piesta.


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