Sunday, July 15, 2007

English Lessons Taught in Tagalog


Yes, I had avoided the challenge of speaking Tagalog outside the office and in the classroom by merit of being the English teacher and speaking English only in the classroom is a requirement.

More recently, I have started working with one student who cannot speak English very well at all, never mind read or comprehend the language. So, I must speak to her in Tagalog to give the right directions to a game and to ask her comprehension questions after we finish reading a passage. My friend is going to pass her even though she should fail because she cannot afford to pay for summer school. I am going to try to convince her to meet with me at her house this summer so I can tutor her....Undoubtedly, I'll need to pick up the pace with my Tagalog studies if I really want to be able to communicate with her...It's been very challenging but a good challenge. We are both very motivated to help her understand English. My student and I have that much in common.

I'm having issues with my neighbors but I can't even confront them through a third party because it will undoubtedly just make them feel embarrassed and nothing will change anyway...It's so frustrating but ignoring the problem is sometimes the only solution here. Damn, Filipinos have amazing self-restraint to be that patient and forgiving with others!

I am still learning to show self-restraint and not to get annoyed at the trike drivers making lewd comments as they drive by (wearing headphones has started to make this a little easier) or stare at me blatantly and call out to me again and again and again as if it were a game and not at all annoying. I hate all the attention but know that I will miss it when I am back in the states...I understand that I'm seen as snobby if I don't wave back or at least smile so I am going to make an effort to get up at the ass crack of dawn (between 4 and 5 am) so I can run at the time most Filipinos run and I will start to immerse myself more in the culture...and become less offensive.


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