Sunday, July 15, 2007

PST2 Training


It went well. A lot of useful information and a lot of great opportunities to talk to PCVs who have been here longer. Hearing their perspectives, bitching about my life here and hearing others similar problems all made me feel better about my life in Siniloan.

The highlight of my trip was on Sunday. I went to see a semi-dormant volcano in Tagaytay called Taal. We took these long cigarrette boats with wire like wings that help balance the weight in the light and long speed boats called barakas. We sped across the Manila Bay staring at the green hills surrounding us, uncertain which one was the volcano. It felt like I was in Hawaii. All I could see around me was a collection og small green islands of steep hills or dormant volcanoes. Pretty amazing. After a half hour hike at noon, not an ideal time to hike in the Philippines, especially when the trail seemed to be very steep and smooth making it harder to climb up the dusty trail. There were many horses on the trail so the other hazard besides thick coats of dust and losing your balance was stepping on enormous mounds of horse manure, or coming too close to a horse coming towards you.


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